'Bring back your white smile'
Colgate MaxWhite One
Y&R, Red Fuse, Paris 2018
Big hair, enormous shoulder pads, cheesy fashion trends. Past school pictures are almost always embarrassing. But at least there's when you've a nice white smile, you'll be a little forgiven. Thanks to Colgate MaxWhite One, we can bring back our best white smiles and nothing else. This small campaign on an even smaller budget, won the Paris agency the first ever Cannes awards. (Isn't the guy in #3 the spitting image of Matt Damon!)
Bronze – Cannes Lions 2018 – Print & Publishing
Bronze – Cannes Lions 2018 – Outdoor
6 Shortlist / Cannes Lions 2018
Press + Publications
Lürzer’s Archive — Vol. 3, 2018
Lürzer’s Archive — Vol. 2, 2019

Print and OOH campaign and adaptation on digital for the new version of the product.