'Two Minute Tales'
Y+R, Paris 2017-18
How do you get UK kids to brush their teeth for two minutes every day? You get one of UK's best selling kids' authors, Claire Freedman, to write 40 downloadable Two Minute Tales so they can brush as they follow the amusing, animated stories for free.
Introducing, with Claire Freedman
Two Minute Tales
1:43 Youtube
Here's Claire explaining the program and which tales are her favourite.
'Hello', by Claire Freedman
Two Minute Tales
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'Fuzzy and Spiky', by Claire Freedman
Two Minute Tales
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Tales that make kids love brushing
Colgate Two Minute Tales website
And the results? Kids loved it and so did their parents! So much so that this little campaign reached the heads, hearts and teeth of 14.4m people. Our readers, big and small, spent 4 minutes on the site every visit (that’s two stories at a time – top brushing!).
What’s more, awareness of Colgate Smiles doubled and parents saying Colgate “Makes brushing teeth fun for kids” grew 16%.