'Carry On'
Trojan XOXO
NYC 2018
Carrying a XOXO condom is a sign you #trustyourself and don't take chances when it comes to sexual health. To empower that message, we made a fashion statement using designer bags with cheeky 'carry on' messaging.
Skin Garden Shower Gel Launch
Our press release to launch Palmolive's Skin Garden Shower Gel, blossomed into something much bigger. Designed with seed paper, this outdoor poster literally bloomed flowers with a new message when real showers came.
TRESemmé haircolor/haircare range
Went to NYC for a couple of months to create content (posts, videos, tvc, print) for TRESemmé's Between Washes range and Botanique for coloured hair. Also helped launch Dove Hair dry shampoo range.
'New weigh of life'
Withings weighing scales
CreativeFeed, NYC 2017
When Withings launched their most innovative weighing scales in NYC, they needed something that would stand out. I branded it as a 'new weigh of life', and the messaging was put up all over the city. It's such a cool weighing scales just don't stand on it...it literally tells you everything!
'Starry starry night'
Dublin 2015
One of the best surprises was coming home to Dublin for Christmas and seeing my Heineken ad all over the city!