‘As healthy as you are’
BETC, Paris 2018
I helped BETC, Paris win a global pitch for Zendium toothpaste. The idea? Finally a toothpaste 'as healthy as you are'. I wrote a manifesto and created print, TVC, videos and social media all to show how Zendium is a part of your healthy lifestyle.
Zendium Manifesto
'As healthy as you are'
To those who live a full life,
by living life to the fullest…

who are more comfortable in their own skin
than striving to be a size zero,

who count their blessings
rather than calories…
who are fitness warriors,
rather than ‘fitbit’ slaves

who are passionate foodies
not cross-fit junkies,

who value the global happy index
more than their body mass index.

cos it’s not simply that ‘health is their wealth’

they cherish a different currency.

they know something we don’t.
they’re happy…because they are healthy.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…
it’s a new life…

and we’re feeling good.

as healthy as you are